5 reasons why Online Grocery Shopping is Booming

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How Online Grocery Shopping benefits the Modern Consumers
August 8, 2019
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November 12, 2019
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5 reasons why Online Grocery Shopping is Booming

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Rising prices of everyday consumables is a pressing concern these days.

This price depends not just on the products we buy, but also where we buy them from. Depending on how far your local supermarket/family grocer is, the money you spend increases. The regular supermarket chains that offer reasonable product pricing are usually a bus/train/auto ride away and the resultant expenditure rises. Further, if any exchanges or refund is needed, the entire tiresome process must be repeated.

The solution? Online grocery shopping!

5 reasons why this phenomenon is gaining popularity-

Ease and Comfort.

Instead of heading out after a tiring day or planning our busy schedule to forcibly include grocery shopping, we can simply buy whatever we need from the comfort of our homes. Not only this, we can choose the time of delivery depending on our need. So the next time you are exhausted from work or pressed for time, all you need is a laptop or your phone. Your necessities are simply a few clicks away!


Say you want to purchase bread and butter from the local supermarket for breakfast the next day. The aisle with bakery products is on one end of the supermarket and butter is at the back of the frozen goods aisle, all the way on the other side. The same products from your local grocer will have limited brand/sizing options and will not offer the attractive prices that supermarket chains do. Online shopping overcomes these hurdles effortlessly by providing website filters to access specific products according to quality and quantity factors.


To reach you, all products change several hands, from the manufacturer, storage facility manager, distributor and finally your local vendor. This process also adds product price margins to benefit each rung. The result- the product price reaches its maximum retail value. i .e MRP. Online shopping platforms act as distributors, directly sending manufactured products to your home thus reducing cost.

Quality Assurance.

All products on online shopping platforms are quality assured. Packaging and delivery are done with the utmost care so that they may reach the customer as needed. If the slightest damage were to be reported, the shopping platform offers a full refund/replacement of the said product at the earliest convenience.

Competitive Pricing.

This is the biggest advantage offered by online grocery shopping. Any required product is displayed alongside all its available brands to give you the most viable deal.  These offers are made more attractive by coupons and price discounts available due to tie-ups with banks and online payment portals.

The resultant pricing is startlingly appealing; all due to the advancement of the modern e-commerce phenomenon.

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