How Grocery Delivery can save you Money!

5 reasons why Online Grocery Shopping is Booming
September 1, 2019
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How Grocery Delivery can save you Money!

Online Grocery Delivery

When was the last time you enjoyed grocery shopping? When you actually looked forward to visiting the local over-crowded super market in your locality? Did the thought of standing in the long, exhausting queues ever appeal to you?


In the changing urban scape of Mumbai, our traffic woes are ever growing. The resultant time, fuel and money spent in this traffic is proportionately frustrating. A single km of journey by road will not take lesser than 20 mins and after your shopping is done, the idea of walking home carrying all those heavy, monthly groceries would be tedious.


If you’re pressed for time, visiting a grocery store is not something you would enjoy. Online grocery shopping will help you spend only the money you have to on the things that are essential, help you stick to a budget and encourage you to anticipate your grocery shopping as opposed to dreading it. Opting for a grocery delivery service means you never have to set foot in a store, leaving you more time to work, enjoy your family, and even take a few minutes for yourself.


How does online grocery shopping save your hard-earned money?

1.      It saves money spent on transportation to/from the supermarket.

The prices of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing. The time spent in traffic does not aid fuel efficiency. The longer the engine of your car remains on and idle, you spend copious amounts of fuel. Instead, your online grocery store will deliver at a much lower, standardised cost as goods are transported in bulk.


2.      You get better discounts on MRP

–        Many websites such as our very own Borivali Baniya, offer best prices for large quantities of certain staples, like grains, oils, etc. Buy these in bulk for the entire month and you would save a considerable amount as well as you would enjoy the quality.


3.      You don’t buy impulsively

–        If you’re not in the store, you’re not tempted by things you don’t need. This lack of temptation especially saves money if your children’s accompany you. You could keep a list, plan exactly what you need and buy just that.

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